This expert guide contains information about the rules of online Blackjack. Our experts will tell you about the secrets, varieties and strategies of this game. You will learn about the benefits of counting cards and their value. We will tell you about the opportunity to play Blackjack online with friends for free and for cash. Let’s get started.

History of Blackjack 

Blackjack, also known as 21, is a famous card entertainment with a history dating back hundreds of years. It is believed that the predecessor of it was the card game “vingt-et-un”, which appeared in French gambling establishments around the XIX century. Some historians talk about its existence in ancient Rome. 

The history of online Blackjack is no less intense, but it has much more clarity. It began in 1994 when the Law on Free Trade and Special Economic Zone was adopted in Antigua and Barbuda. By this law, the first online casinos were created. With the development of the Internet, hundreds of new gambling sites appeared. The competition was constantly growing, and this motivated gambling companies to look for new ways to attract and retain players. 

A big step forward was the appearance of Live Blackjack. Since then, users can experience the atmosphere and excitement of a traditional casino right at home. You can see how croupiers deal cards right on the screen thanks to high-quality streams. 

How to play Blackjack online? 

How to play Blackjack online? 

Playing online Blackjack requires preparation. It won’t take you long for this process. First, decide how you would like to play, for free or for cash. The number of steps you need to go through before sitting down at the virtual table depends on this. Use the instructions prepared by our experts. It is valid for almost any online casino where you would like to play. 

  1. Choose a good gambling site. The platform must have a license confirming the legality of its activities. This will ensure the reliability of the game and eliminate the risks of encountering scammers who will steal your funds and personal data;
  2. See if there is a Live Casino section on the site, and if Blackjack is presented in it;
  3. Visit the payment methods section. You should know what options you will have for depositing and withdrawing funds;
  4. Study the Promotion section. Almost all online casinos offer various bonuses. Maybe you’ll find something you like;
  5. Check if there are channels of communication with the support service on the site. This will help you quickly get answers to questions or complaints if you have any;
  6. Proceed to registration if you are satisfied with everything;
  7. Enter your data, email address and password;
  8. Confirm that you are 18 years old;
  9. Read the Terms and Conditions, as well as the company’s Privacy Policy;
  10.  Make a deposit by choosing a method that is convenient for you;
  11. Visit the Live Casino section and start Blackjack by choosing from the presented types of the game. 

Please note that you will not need to register and make a deposit to play Blackjack online free. Many online casinos offer their customers practice in demo mode. Launch the virtual version of the game and hone your skills before playing with a Live Dealer.

Rules of online Blackjack game 

Online Blackjack has simple rules, but we still recommend practising them in free mode. The goal of the game is to beat the casino. The participants of the game form hands from the cards dealt to them from the deck. It is important to score more points than the dealer, but not exceed the limit of 21 points. Each card has its value (we will tell you about this later). 

Here is how the round of the online Blackjack game proceeds: 

  • Players place bets;
  • The dealer distributes two cards to the participants and one or two to himself (depending on the version of the game);
  • Players look at the cards – if someone has 21 points, then he wins. The rest continue to play;
  • Participants who have less than 21 in their hand can ask for another card (Hit), or stay with their cards (Stand). Often players are afraid to ask for a third card if they have an amount equal to 17 in their hand. They fear that they may exceed the 21-point limit;
  • The player or dealer loses if the sum of their cards is more than 21 points;
  • If the dealer has 21 points, then all players who have fewer points lose. 

In short, that’s all, but online Blackjack is a very exciting game. The use of strategies and a counting system, coupled with the randomness factor when dealing cards, can give incredible emotions.

Blackjack online card value chart 

To successfully play Blackjack online casino game, you need to remember the value of each card. This is the most important rule on which your success depends. Fortunately, you will not have any difficulties with memorizing. Here’s how the value of the cards is estimated: 

  • 2 = 2;
  • 3 = 3;
  • 4 = 4;
  • 5 = 5;
  • 6 = 6;
  • 7 = 7;
  • 8 = 8;
  • 9 = 9;
  • 10 = 10;
  • J = 10;
  • Q = 10;
  • K = 10;
  • A = 1 or 11. 

The value of the Ace is calculated based on how many points are in the player’s hand. If the amount exceeds 21, then the value of the Ace is 1 point. Initially, it is estimated as 11 points. 

Let’s give an example: after the dealing in your hand are cards with a value of 8 and 5 respectively, which give a total of 13 points. You have the opportunity to request a third card, and if after it the sum of your points does not exceed 21, then you have a chance to win.

Online Blackjack Strategies 

Online Blackjack is good because it allows you to use game strategies that increase the chance of winning. Knowledge of the value of cards and the ability to count them help in this. Remember that even the most advanced tactics do not guarantee you a 100% victory. Use your knowledge wisely, and then luck will be able to smile at you. 


This is the most famous online blackjack strategy. It belongs to the high-risk, because due to some factors, the player may lose the entire bankroll. He must double the bet after each defeat. As a result, when the gambler finally wins, he will be able to immediately win back all the losses and even take the amount equal to the first bet. The problem is that there may be a limit on the maximum bet in an online casino, and once you reach it, you will not be able to double anymore. In addition, you may simply run out of money.


This is one of the safest techniques. Using it, you need to increase the bet by the same amount after each defeat. After each win, you need to reduce the bet by the same amount.


In this technique, each number is equal to the sum of the two previous numbers. The sequence is as follows: 1, 1, 2, 3,5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on. You need to raise the bet only after a loss. If the bet was a winning one, then its size should be saved for the next round. The system is similar to Martingale, but it is not as aggressive.


The player needs to place bets in the amount of 1, 3, 2 and 6 values sequentially. The increase is made only after the victory. If a player loses, he remains on the starting bet until the next win.


Using this system, the player must strive to form a pyramid of victories. So, after winning, the gambler must place the original bet + the winning amount. If he loses, he bets the initial amount next time.

Oscar’s Grind

This strategy was originally used when playing Craps, but it has also been successfully applied in online Blackjack. This is a progressive system, which consists of the need to raise the bet by one unit after each victory. The bet must be doubled after each win.

How to count cards in Blackjack online game? 

The card counting technique is actively used in offline casinos. Employees of gambling establishments do not like this tactic very much. formally, it is not prohibited, but the fact that the competent use of card counting can significantly increase the customer’s advantage forces them to comply with the unspoken rules. They consist of the fact that the participant seen in the counting of cards can be removed from the table. There have also been cases when players were completely banned from visiting a certain casino. Of course, you can learn to count cards in such a way that no one suspects you. Moreover, it is very difficult to prove the opposite. But this requires long practice, perhaps even more than one year. 

In online Blackjack, the card counting technique can also be used to increase the chances of winning. Moreover, here, unlike offline, no one can prove that you are using this strategy. However, there is also a difficulty. The fact is that the deck is shuffled after each hand, and it’s hard to control which cards are out and which are not. 

We will give some examples of the technique of counting cards in online Blackjack.


The easiest technique that allows you to understand how to count cards is Ace-Five. The calculation takes into account 5s and Aces. The countdown starts from zero, each five in the hand adds one card, and the Ace subtracts one card. The higher the number, the more chances the player gets to win. This system is easily mastered by beginners, it does not require changes in the course of the game.


To use this technique, the player needs to be attentive and react quickly: 

  • All cards are divided into small (from 2 to 6), neutral (from 7 to 9) and large (above 10);
  • Each card has a corresponding value: +1 (small), 0 (neutral), -1 (large).
  • The higher the score, the better for the player. Bet high when the count is high.

Types of Online Blackjack 

During the existence of Blackjack, many of its varieties have been created. They have interesting differences in the rules, so you will find a lot of exciting discoveries when you try one version after another. In this article, we will tell you about the two most popular games of online Blackjack (European and American), as well as give examples of two more cool types.

American Blackjack 

The American version is considered one of the best in Blackjack. It is one of the most popular options among gamblers. Its features are as follows: 

  • Fewer risks for the player;
  • The dealer starts with a pair of cards: one is visible, and the other is hidden. If the first card gives 10 points or it is an Ace, the second one is checked, since there is a chance that the lucky Blackjack combination (21 points) has already been collected;
  • You can double down, regardless of which starting cards were received.
  • You can give up at any time during the dealing.
  • The dealer must stop if he has a “soft hand” of 17 points.

European Blackjack 

European blackjack is also one of the most popular versions of the game. It is considered a little more difficult for players in terms of chances, but advanced gamblers love it. Here are its features: 

  • A more unpredictable version of the game.
  • The dealer receives only one card – visible to the player. The second one is not dealing until all participants form the final combinations;
  • The right to double down is granted to the gambler only with an initial hand of 9-11 points;
  • The player loses the right to surrender if he performed another action before;
  • The dealer often calls the cards if the “soft hand” is 17 points, but not always.

Spanish 21 

The game is played on several decks (from 4 to 8) without 10s. If there is a Blackjack or a combination of 21 on both sides, the player always wins. You can give up at any stage of the game. 

Some combinations are paid according to special rules. For example, you can get a payout of 50 to 1 for a set of three 7s (any) of the same suit. However, the dealer’s open card must also be 7.


The game is played on six decks of 52 cards. The player can always give up. In this case, the casino will refund him half of the bet. Caribbean 21 is a combination of two cards with a face value of ten points and an ace. It is paid in a ratio of 3 to 2 at the initial rate, that is, doubling is not taken into account when paying. 

If the dealer’s open card is an ace, then the player gets the right to insurance. Its amount is equal to half of the initial bet. If the insurance is played, then it is paid in the amount of 9 to 1. You can double the bet with any number of cards in your hands. After doubling, it is allowed to get a maximum of two cards. 

It should also be told about the nominal value of the cards. They do not differ from the classic version, but in this version, the Ace is always valued at 1 point.

Live Blackjack 

Live Blackjack occupies a special place in online casino catalogues. Along with Baccarat and Roulette, these are the most popular types of entertainment among fans of playing with a real dealer. By providing a reliable Internet connection and launching this game, you will be able to get unforgettable emotions and experiences similar to visiting a land-based casino. 

Live Blackjack has several differences from the virtual version of the game: 

  • A live person is responsible for the process – an employee of the casino or a representative of the game developer;
  • All the actions of the dealer are broadcast in high quality from a specially equipped studio. You can monitor them in real-time, which eliminates the possibility of fraud;
  • The speed of the game is slower than if you run a virtual Blackjack. The pace is dictated by a live dealer, who, for example, shuffles the deck manually;
  • You can communicate with the dealer and other players using Live Chat. 

Otherwise, the process is almost identical to the game’s virtual version. You need to place bets and form a strong hand. Only here you are confronted by the dealer, not the program.

How to play Online Blackjack for free? 

You can play Blackjack online free. Many gambling operators offer this opportunity, and it is also available for other types of entertainment in their catalogues. 

The free online Blackjack game has its advantages: 

  • You don’t need to register an account;
  • No deposit is required from you;
  • Free study of the rules of the game;
  • Opportunity to practice strategies;
  • Play for your pleasure;
  • Finish the game at any time;
  • You don’t lose your money in defeat. 

At the same time, the demo mode has drawbacks. So, you will not be able to win real money, the choice of bonuses is significantly limited, and access to Blackjack variations may be incomplete.

How to play Online Blackjack for Real Money? 

Playing Blackjack online for fun will not give the same emotions that a real money game will give. Therefore, many gamblers tend to immediately put the cash on the table, ignoring the advice to practice. We still recommend that you first learn the rules of the game and learn how to use strategies, and only then enjoy all the advantages of the paid mode: 

  • The opportunity to win big money;
  • Unforgettable adrenaline emotions;
  • Full access to bonuses;
  • Full access to all Blackjack variations, including playing with a live dealer;
  • A chance to become a VIP client of an online casino and receive benefits;
  • The opportunity to use strategies in the game.

There are drawbacks to playing Blackjack for real money. So, you need to create an account (and then verify it for withdrawal) and make a deposit. You need to control the quality of the Internet connection to exclude a crash from the game. The main thing is that you risk losing your bankroll.

Tips for playing an online Blackjack game 

Tips for playing an online Blackjack game 

To play online Blackjack safely, first of all, you should choose the right online casino. Pay attention to the Return to Player (RTP), the range of rates that the site provides, the convenience of the interface and the reputation of the company. A safe Blackjack game requires the player to follow a few simple rules: 

  1. Control the bankroll. Before the start, it is necessary to clearly allocate the amount that can be spent on bets. It is not necessary to go beyond the established limits;
  2. Do not try to win back losses. You should not use your last funds to try to recover the lost amount;
  3. Do not play for the last money. It is important to monitor the balance and not make large bets, having fallen into a losing streak;
  4. Learn the basic strategy. Before starting the game, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts and tactics. Their competent use can increase the chances of winning;
  5. Play smart. Every action must be deliberate. You can’t just bet high amounts without a general assessment of the situation at the table;
  6. Find out the percentage of casino winnings. The House Edge indicator will help you understand how often the game allows you to win at the selected casino;
  7. Look for the most profitable game options. Don’t get hung up on just one kind of blackjack, test titles from different developers. 

Using these simple tips, you will significantly reduce the risks of large monetary losses when playing online Blackjack.

Blackjack Players Ask

Is online Blackjack Live Dealer fair? 

Yes, playing Blackjack with a live dealer is fair. You can follow his actions in real-time. All actions of the casino employee are visible to each participant of the game. You can also ask him questions via Live Chat.

Can I play Blackjack online with friends? 

Yes, you can play online Blackjack with your friends. To do this, you need to visit an online casino and then sit at the same virtual table.

How to start playing Blackjack online real money? 

To play Blackjack for real money, you need to create an account in an online casino. After that, make a deposit and choose a game from the available options in the catalogue. 

How can I guarantee myself a win in online Blackjack? 

No one can guarantee victory in Blackjack or any other gambling game. Even if you use reliable strategies, there is a chance that you will lose. Just think of losing as an intermediate step on the way to victory.

How old should I be to play online Blackjack? 

It depends both on the laws of your country and on the rules of the chosen casino. However, in most cases, the Blackjack rules require the player to be 18 years old. Some countries instead set the age for gambling at 21.