Online slots have been one of the main forms of entertainment on gambling sites for many years. In this expert review, we will tell you about the history and varieties of this fascinating game. You will learn about the advantages of free and paid modes, and read about the possibility to launch slots on mobile. In conclusion, we will answer frequent questions about the game and share tips on how to use your time and bankroll efficiently.

Online slots — all you need to know 

Land-based slot machines have evolved into online slots machines with the development of technology. This is a simple type of entertainment that you can quickly learn to play. 

Online slots consist of several reels (at least three) with a set of symbols and pay lines. Players need to place a bet, and then start spinning. After that, nothing depends on them anymore. At the moment of starting the process of spinning the reels, a Random Number Generator (RNG) comes into play. It will display a combination of symbols on the screen, which will determine the outcome of the round. Combinations can be simple and complex, depending on the presence of special symbols in a particular title. 

Symbols can be divided into two main categories: 

  • Standard or basic symbols forming a combination give payouts according to the established odds;
  • Special symbols serve as a mechanism for launching prize functions (and sometimes give payouts);

The basic symbols are designed according to the theme of the slot. Specials provide players with additional chances to win: 

  • Wild. It is designed to replace any of the basic symbols in the slot to make a payline;
  • Scatter. It can trigger a round of free spins, award high payouts, or both;
  • Multiplier. This symbol can multiply the amount of the reward (x2, x10, x50, etc.);
  • Bonus. It opens access to the bonus game with the opportunity to win cash prizes;
  • Jackpot. This symbol is a chance to win the jackpot. 

Let’s speak about Return to Player (RTP) at online slots sites. It determines the percentage of payments to players at a distance. An indicator below 93% is not beneficial to gamblers. It is better to choose titles with a percentage of RTP not lower than 96-97. If you find RTP 98-99%, then even better. 

During the game, you can learn about the concept of online slots free spins. This is a special bonus from a gambling site that allows you to make a certain number of spins without having to spend money. Free spins can be awarded to a player in the form of an incentive or an addition to another promo offer, for example, a Welcome Bonus.

Tips on choosing an online casino for playing slots 

Tips on choosing an online casino for playing slots 

The best online slots games can be found on gambling portals. Beginners do not always understand how important it is to choose the right site to play cash titles. We will tell you what to pay attention to so that you can avoid trouble and get only a positive experience from the game. 

See if the gambling website has a license

Everything is simple here, if the site is certified, then it means that it provides services on a legal basis and is responsible for its actions. Usually, the license icon is located at the bottom of the screen.

Study payment methods

If you want to play cash titles, then you should be sure that you can easily make a deposit and withdraw winnings if you are lucky in the game. Pay attention to the limits, minimum and maximum amounts of transactions, and the time of their execution. Depending on the chosen method, the indicators may vary.

Look at the catalog of games

Usually, online casino indicates the number of titles available in their portfolio. The more of them, the better. See also which providers the company cooperates with. If there are famous developers among them, then this is a sign of reliability.

Take a look at the Promotions section

Various bonuses are often available for playing online slots. Perhaps a suitable offer is already waiting for you. Be sure to study its conditions before deciding on activation.

Check the availability of communication channels with the support service

With a high degree of probability, you may have questions or (which we do not wish you to) some problems. In this case, you should be able to quickly contact support representatives. Usually, gambling sites have a Live chat, a feedback form, a phone number and an e-mail for this purpose.

Types of online slots games 

Online slots are divided into two popular categories. Classic titles are characterized by a minimalistic design, slightly intrusive music, the use of famous symbols (cherries, lucky sevens, horseshoes, etc.), and the lack of bonuses. More modern video/3D slots offer animation, cool graphics, pleasant music, lots of bonuses, more pay lines and special symbols. 

Each of the two categories has its fans. Classic slots are suitable for beginners and people with a small bankroll. There are more opportunities to win in video slots, but their rules are a little more complicated. Here are the characteristics: 

Classic SlotsVideo Slots
3 reelsMinimum 5 reels
1-3 pay linesMinimum 9 pay lines
No risk gameThe risk game is common
Analogues of Wild and Scatter symbols are rareMultipliers, Wild, Scatter, as well as Bonus and Jackpot symbols

How to play online slots for real money? 

Online slots with real money are one of the most fascinating types of entertainment in casino catalogs. Thousands of titles with pleasant music, bright graphics, exciting gameplay, bonus features and the opportunity to win big money are available to you. The paid format of the game has its advantages. 


The demo mode does not compare with the paid format in terms of results. Playing cash titles, you know that in a second you can get rich if luck is kind to you. Your life can change for the better, thanks to one bet.

Participation in VIP programs

Online casinos value customers who play cash titles. As an incentive, they can earn cashback, free spins, and increase the amount of the deposit bonus. VIP clients can even receive benefits in the form of real gifts, but not every gambling site has such an opportunity.

Full access to bonuses

A player who has money can participate in any promotion available at the online casino. With the help of bonuses, you can significantly increase the number of winnings.

Full access to games

Not all casino games in the gambling website portfolio can be available for free. However, if you are playing for real money, then there are no restrictions for you. 

Of course, there are drawbacks to the paid way of playing online slots. So, you will have to create an account and make a deposit. There is also always a risk of losing a lot of money if you do not control your emotions and bankroll.

Play online slots for free 

Online slots free mode is very popular among gamblers all over the world. And this is logical because the demo format has its advantages: 

  1. A quiet game. You don’t need to be nervous and worry that you will lose. Enjoy the game as much as you want. You can end it at any time without consequences;
  2. Training. Demo mode is a great opportunity to practice different titles or choose a specific game to put real money on the line in the future;
  3. Quickstart. You don’t need to register an account and make a deposit to play for free;
  4. Playing for fun. If you don’t set a goal to win money, then just start the game and have fun. Try as many titles as you want. 

Of course, the Online slots free mode has its drawbacks. So, you have a limited choice of bonuses (only no deposit options). Also, you cannot become a member of the VIP program if it is available at the online casino that you have chosen.

How to play online slots on mobile? 

How to play online slots on mobile? 

You can play the best online slots games not only from a laptop. Casinos have mobile versions of their websites. Also, many companies create their apps for smartphones. The advantages of the game on Android/iOS devices are undeniable: 

  • You can spin slots in any place convenient for you;
  • Games adapt to the screens of any device;
  • The titles are launched in a couple of seconds;
  • All the same, bonuses are available on the desktop version of the site;
  • You can set up notifications about new games and bonuses. 

The disadvantage of playing on mobile is that over time, the device’s battery will start to run out. However, we recommend using time management to avoid such a problem. Give yourself a certain amount of time to play and do not exceed this limit.

Tips for playing Online slots 

To make your experience of playing online slots positive, we have prepared some valuable tips for you. By default, we believe that you have already chosen a legal online casino or downloaded a casino mobile app

Select the game mode

If you are new to the world of gambling and do not want to lose money, then try slots in free mode. Most online casinos offer this option to their customers. Having understood the rules, combinations and features of the game, you can play for cash.

Pay attention to RTP

When choosing online slots for playing for real money, pay attention to the RTP (Return To Player) indicator. It shows the percentage of payments to users in a particular game at a distance. It is best to choose titles with an index of at least 97%. This means that at a long distance, the gambling operator will receive only 3% of all bets.

Keep an eye on the bankroll

You can quickly lose money in online slots if you make rash bets. In this entertainment, luck prevails over skill, so take care of your money and wait for the winning combination to fall out.

Explore online casinos

Pay attention to the available withdrawal methods and additional cashout conditions. If you win, you will not find yourself in an unpleasant situation after learning that you can withdraw only a certain percentage of the deposit without wagering, or that no payout system is suitable for you.

Evaluate the available promos

Bonuses are often offered for playing online slots. These are mostly Free Spins, but you can get other “gifts” from the casino. Before choosing a bonus, be sure to study its conditions. Make sure that you can fulfil the wagering requirements. 

We hope these tips will help you get positive emotions from playing online slots. Try not to be nervous, believe in luck, and success will come. 


What should I do to start playing online slots? 

To play online slots, find a reliable gambling site. You can also use the official casino app for Android/iOS devices. After that, enter the lobby and start the game in free mode. You can also play cash titles, but this requires registration and a deposit.

Is it possible to play online slots win real money? 

Of course! You can create an account on a gambling site, and play online slots real money. If luck is kind to you, then you can win big

How to get online slots real money no deposit bonus? 

To get an online slots no deposit bonus, you usually need to create an account on a gambling site. Online casinos also offer promo codes that can be entered in a special field on their platform.

Do I need to download online slots to play on my mobile? 

You don’t need to download online slots to enjoy them on your smartphone. Choose a reliable gambling site and play cash titles or in demo mode. The games are launched in the lobby, so you do not have to take up space in the device’s memory.