This page provides information about the Aussie Play casino sign up procedure ( for punters residing in Australia. You should know that having an active account unlocks for you access to all paid services of this respected gambling operator. You will be able to take part in lavish promos, as well as play for cash and claim big winnings. But, it is worth noting that there are some requirements and restrictions on which categories of persons can enjoy offerings of the firm. 

In addition to registration, we will tell you about the authorization procedure, as well as what identity verification is, and why every client of the firm should go through it. All this information will help you quickly get rid of all the formalities and use the operator’s services without restrictions. 

How to Become the Patron of Aussie Play Casino 

Aussie Play casino sign up procedure is a mandatory action for Oz punters who would like to utilize the firm’s services. Here’s what you’ll need to do to make a private cabinet: 

  1. Proceed to the website of the firm, and press the ‘Sign Up’ key;
  2. On the first page of the registration form, specify the email address, as well as invent the login and passcode;
  3. On the second screen, type your real name and surname, as well as specify gender and date of birth;
  4. On the third page, you need to pick a country, specify the residential address and Zip code. Also select a currency, and type a mobile phone number;
  5. Finish the registration. 

Your account will be activated in a few seconds, and you can start utilizing it. 

Restrictions and Requirements 

Our Aussie readers should be aware of certain restrictions on who can become a patron of Aussie Play. Violation of the restrictions will lead to the blocking of the user and the zeroing of winnings. There are also several crucial requirements for players. All information is accumulated by us for you in this enumeration: 

  • Aussie Play casino registration is allowed only to persons who are over 21 y/o. Violation of this rule will result in your blocking;
  • One player can manage only one private cabinet. Violation of this rule will result in your blocking;
  • You can utilize only those payment tools that belong to you to finance your gambling activities. The firm reserves the right and the opportunity to verify the source of funds;
  • In the process of creating an account, you agree to provide authentic personal and contact information about yourself. In case of accidental or intentional errors, you will have difficulties with passing the identity verification procedure;
  • You agree not to use your private cabinet for money laundering, financing of international terrorism and fraudulent activities. Remember that the operator has an anti-fraud department that is on duty around the clock. 

Follow the above rules, and you will ensure yourself a superb experience enjoying the services of this Internet casino. 

How to Login? 

Having an active private cabinet allows the Australian patrons of Aussie Play casino to access it when they want it. The procedure is simple: 

  1. Use a desktop or mobile browser to proceed to the firm’s portal;
  2. Press the ‘Sign In’ key;
  3. Specify the authorization data (login and passcode);
  4. Approve the action. 

In the event that you forgot your information and cannot access the account, hit the ‘Forgot password or username?’ key in the authorization window. Then follow the prompts for data recovery. 

Aussie Play Casino Sign Up Process for Pocket Gadgets 

If you prefer to play pokies from your smartphone, you can go through the Aussie Play casino registration procedure utilizing the mobile modification of the firm’s website: 

  • Step 1. Launch the browser, and employ it to move to the operator’s portal;
  • Step 2. Detect, and press the ‘Sign Up’ key;
  • Step 3. Go through three stages of registration, each of which involves filling in empty fields with personal and contact details;
  • Step 4. Finish the process by pressing the ‘Complete’ icon. 

After successful activation of the account, you will be automatically logged in and will be able to start using the casino services. 

Verification of the User 

Verification is one of the most crucial processes that every Australian patron of Aussie Play casino must go through. With this procedure, the operator learns who uses its services. It also allows it to prevent scammers, minors, problem punters, criminals and bonus hunters from entering the site. 

You will be asked to go through the verification procedure after you try to withdraw funds for the debut time. The firm’s employees will reach you and ask you to provide high-quality copies of these documents for verification: 

  • Passport;
  • ID card;
  • Driver’s license;
  • Utility bill;
  • Bank statement. 

Verification is carried out only once. If you provided these data during the Aussie Play casino registration procedure, then you will not have any difficulties. 

Some Questions from Oz Punters 

Is It Allowable to Disclose the Login Data to My Brother? 

We do not recommend sharing your authorization data with anyone. Your brother may accidentally reveal your username and passcode to other people, and this will put at risk the theft of your account and funds on it. Also, note that only the person who created the private cabinet can manage it. 

Can I Go Through The Aussie Play Casino Registration Procedure Two Times? 

This is forbidden. One player can manage only one private cabinet. Re-registration will result in the deletion of the second account. 

Aussie Play Casino Register – Why It Needed? 

Without an active account, you will not be able to enjoy the full scale of Aussie Play online casino services. This applies both to playing for cash and to participating in lavish promos. Keep in mind that only adults can become clients of the operator.